Presidents Message

Welcome to the 2015-2016 Northern Kentucky IMA Chapter fiscal year!  I will be serving as your President, though I hope my term does not go for 5 years like the last one did.
I want to extend my sincere thanks to Ryan Belt, our outgoing President, who served for 4 consecutive years. He is staying on as our VP of Membership. I also want to thank Tim Scheller for his lengthy service as Secretary, President and a few other roles.

Your board is made up of a number of experienced leaders, and some new members have stepped up to help out. Pamela Swanson will continue as our Treasurer, Diana Schowalter will become our Secretary, Teresa Elliot and Ken Kirkpatrick will be board members that will serve on projects and areas of need, as they arise.

As a small chapter, we will always be in need of new volunteers who will want to get involved, a little or a lot.

We are in the middle of our summer planning time, and this year we plan to offer 16 hours of CPE at Dinner, Lunch and Breakfast meetings, a plant tour, some student engagement activities, and quarterly social networking and volunteering opportunities. Last year we had some great presentations for CPE, but failed to communicate effectively with the members. We are working on that. If anyone knows about communicating in a volunteer organization, I could sure use that help. And we are trying some different meeting times and location. We will need to get the word out about those changes too. And lastly, the CMA has become a career opportunity for many in the accounting field. We would like to host review courses and help more members become certified. If you would like help, or like to help in that area, contact me immediately.
Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President for this new year, I hope to meet more of you at our meetings, and see some great new presentations and tours. 
God bless each of you, and have a great day,
Richard Sammons, CMA